300+Merry Christmas wishes!

by The Centre - Friday, December 23, 2011

We create and run spectacular events for others all year round and so as the year comes to a close, it is our turn to celebrate.

Not only do we know how to put on a great show but we sure know how to enjoy it! The beach-themed ACC Christmas Staff Party was nothing but festive! Hall F (for fun) was beautifully coloured with blues, greens and yellows and adorned with gigantic palm trees, beach toys, sea creatures… and even a touch of sand!

Entertaining over 300 staff was not at all difficult when some of our regular suppliers came to help out. Remember that scene in the movie Beaches when CC and Hillary meet for the first time? They had photos taken in the photo booth and collected a keepsake of that special day. We did just that for our attending staff. We wanted them to capture moments shared by friends and colleagues.

And what old school fun could be had without arcade games? Our chefs became racing car drivers, our operational staff hunted wild game and our catering staff learned how to break-dance to the beats provided by DJ Matt Surprisingly (or maybe not?), it turns out that adults love having their face painted, collecting balloon animals and dressing up just as much as kids do! Among our beach themed guests was a shark, a surf life saver, Hawaiian ladies and Woody from Toy Story… *scull scratching ensues!

Some ACC Management helped out with serving drinks at the bar, we even  discovered that Sunil can dance while serving beer!

The ACC Christmas Staff Party was made possible thanks to the work of a volunteer committee of staff, who stepped out of their daily roles at ACC to plan, setup and run the event.

In essence we achieved what we set out to do, celebrate a year of hard work and thank everyone for their contributions.

Thank you to everyone for helping achieving a record year, Merry Christmas and see you all very soon in the new year!

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